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  • Software Development & IntegrationDatabase Design & Administration, Software Support & Maintenance
  • Graphics Design & Corporate IdentityLogos,Business Cards, Letterheads, Business Profiles, Brochures
  • Social Media Branding &  MarketingGoogle Analytics, SEO, E-Mail Marketing & Design
  • Network Deployment & Office AutomationApplication software, Technical support
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Madrush Technologies' hard-coded DNA

Madrush Technologies was established in 2008 and has since grown into a successful software development and IT project management company over the last 9 years. The growth of Madrush accredited to a strong team of software developers, designers, sales and marketing personnel and state of the art tools. The team is focused, passionate and extremely experienced in translating customer’s needs into efficient business system. As part of its transformation strategy, Madrush is level three black empowered company. We are a Microsoft registered partner (since year 2008) and make use of Microsoft tools including: SQL server 2014 and office platforms with the Dot Net Framework on an open source Microsoft based solution. Madrush also provides secure, fully supported hosting infrastructure for It’s clients and various hosted applications (Web Services).


Madrush strives to be the leading software development and IT deployment provider in Africa.

Communication Strategies

We recognise that our core expertise lies in software development. So we have engaged the services of a specialist Communications Strategist who works in the field of Marketing Communications. He has worked in the South African and international business environment for many years and is skilled at creating a strategic response to the challenge of developing all forms of communication. As such he has devised a strategic planning tool that is highly user friendly and works to ensure that the implemented strategy meets the needs of the client as well as the target audience. This tools is a six stage process that defines all of the long and short objectives, the methods of reaching them and finally a post activity evaluation stage.

In developing your website we will use this process which includes your participation. The results of this pre-planning will be instrumental in ensuring that the final product meets your needs in terms of functionality, graphic design, and content. In the fast moving world of the 21st century and the even faster pace of software and hardware development the era of the 5 year plan is no longer relevant. Therefore we will conduct regular joint reviews using the process to ensure that our we presence is always as up to date as required.

The process is known as SOSTAC and consists of the following elements.
Situation. Where are we now?
Objective. Where do we need to be?
Strategy. How will we get there?
Tactics. What will we do to get there?
Actions. What tools will we use to reach the Objective?
Control. How do we measure our progress?

This is not a linear process but a cyclical one that runs on a timing schedule unique to the needs of each client.